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Just to Know II.

...if you ever wondered where and what it was before become your counter top.

MARBLE it is a metamorphic stone

Contains Calcite - a mineral found in the form of limestone and chalk

                Dolomite - a common rock, harder then calcite                                                                HARDNESS SCALE 3

                Magnetite - a generally white mineral

                Magnesium - Carbonate

GRANITE it is a igneous stone

Contains: Quartz - a brilliant, crystalline mineral                                                                            HARDNESS SCALE 7

                 Feldspar - crystalline mineral made up of aluminum silicates

                 Potassium - soft, silver-white, wax like metallic element that oxidizes

SLATE it is a metamorphic stone

fine grind rock formed from clay, sedimentary rock shale and sometimes quartz.                     HARDNESS SCALE 3

TRAVERTINE is a sedimentary stone

Is cream of reddish color, formed by the accumulation of calcite, from                                      HARDNESS SCALE 3

limy springs, lakes and streams.

ONYX is a metamorphic stone                                                                                                          HARDNESS SCALE 3

A translucent, crystalline calcite found in cave deposits.

LIMESTONE is a sedimentary rock

Contains calcite, it is composed of the organic remains of sea animals, corals, etc.                 HARDNESS SCALE 3

SOAPSTONE it is a sedimentary rock

It is a dense material that wears well. A rock formed by a variety of tale.                                HARDNESS SCALE 1

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