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Natural Stone Restoration, Long Island ,NY)

Just to Know

Stone CPR (Clean Polish Restore) provides high-quality information about restoration and other services in Nassau County, NY, and the Long Island area.

The following are the most common issues that our customers face with their natural stone.


The loss of the high polish on marble and granite surfaces can be attributed to wear. This is very true for marbles because it is so much softer than granite and especially true for stone floors where the bottom of the shoes can act like sand paper. We can restore the polish.

Etching and water rings/spots

The dull, whitish spot on your stone surface created from spilled liquids containing acids is called etching. Water rings are caused from hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium that is left behind when water evaporates. Marble, travertine and limestone etch very easily. Granite does not. To prevent etching, avoid using harsh chemicals. We can repolish.


Staining is a common occurrence with most natural stones that either have not been sealed properly or the sealer is worn out. It will need a special paste to attempt to remove or improve the stained area.


There are a couple of reasons why your natural stone might turn yellow. A common issue is the discoloration of old wax or lacquer coatings that are applied to floors and counters. The lighter color stones like marbles also contain an iron content. This can cause rusting of the stone in wet areas. To prevent that needs to be sealed.

Chips and cracks

Cracks in the stone can be caused by settling, poor installation, bad support or excessive vibration. Chips can result from fallen objects on a vulnerable spot. Repairs can be completed, some near invisible, depending on the stone.

Marble shower polishing

We are aware that maintaining your marble shower can be difficult and frustrating. The polishing of your shower walls and floors are effective in the removal of drip marks and etch marks cause by acidic shampoos and soaps and even some cleaning products. After repolishing to effectively maintain your shower, it has to be sealed because the silicone is an integral part of protecting your natural stone from extensive water damage such as staining. We recommend checking your silicone every 12 to 24 months. If necessary, we can remove it and replace it with a color match silicone. Regular cleaning and fresh air will extend the lifetime of your silicone.

Granite is a very hard stone that is formed at a very high temperatures deep within the earth.Its polish is not subject to etching by households acids, or scratching by knives and pots or pans. It is unaffected by typical kitchen heat such as hot pans or hot liquids. All granite repairs are possible by an experienced stone masons.

Marble is was the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects and become a cultural symbol of tradition and refine taste. Marble is varied and comes in many colorful patterns.

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